The Junta encourages visitors to enjoy our many tourist attraction (whilst you can)

How lovely.

So, after spending umpteen millions in getting people over here (did I tell you about the flashy “I love españa” and “come to Andalucia” signs on London double decker buses I saw last week? No? I wonder how much they cost) the Junta has decided to save a few pennies by closing down tourist attractions (so there’s nothing cultural to do once the poor sods arrive).

The Alcazaba in Almería will now close on weekdays, and only open weekend evenings.

And the Almería history centre (Yacimiento Puerta de Almería) has suddenly been closed by the Junta, sacking workers with one days notice (it closes tomorrow for good). This after several million euros were invested in the building, which opened in 2006, and aimed to show the history of people living in Almería, from pre-historic tribes to the Moors. ( and other news sources). 10,000 visitors visited in its first year of operation ,according to Ideal, which was more than expected, and which caused the Culture department to say that the centre was a vital link in exporing our past, and a cornerstone of Culture in the province.

A number of other “cultural centres” which opened over the last few years are also expected to be closed down in a cost cutting exercise that will see workers dumped back into the INEM queues, buildings closed and left to moulder, and tourists left to fend for themselves. Ah well- back to the bars, I suppose. I wonder how much all this is saving the state, once you factor in severence pay, upkeep of the (now empty) buildings and unemployment pay?

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