Home demolitions – a passing fad for the public

Strange, really, to think how public interest wanes quickly.

Remember the Prior demolition? Global outrage, lots of shouting, etc, etc. Lots of excitement all round. Then it went quiet.

Then we started hearing news of homes about to be demolished in Albox. Lots more shouting. A protest march. Noise. Then it went quiet.

News trickled out that the six homes in Albox had had their demolition orders overturned. People celebrated, without realising that this was the worst possible outcome for the owners (can’t sell, and face at least a decade of legal wrangling). Everyone forgot about the issue. Why, real estate agents even tell me that the market is rising again.

Which is probably why nobody is really bothered about the fact that well over a hundred homes in the Almanzora valley are now facing demolition orders and (I predict) a hell of a lot more will be coming out soon.

From the AUAN:

The reports relate to summary procedure number 23/2007 in the Investigative Court Number 1 in Huercal-Overa (which accumulates preliminary investigations numbers 2188/2005 and 2352/2007 from the same court with case number 760/2007 from Court Number 2). The investigation centres on alleged planning crimes and alleged construction without a building license. It is feared that demolition will be requested when formal charges are made because this appears to be the usual practise of the Prosecutor.  The homes affected are in the area of La  Aljambra in the municipality of Albox. The investigation was initiated by Seprona in 2005. The case relates to several allegedly illegal urbanisation’s which lack basic infrastructure. Many of the affected homeowners rely on generators to provide electricity.

From La Voz de Almería:

The Mayor of Albox has said that he and his staff are working hard to ensure that nobody has their homes demolished, and has asked local association to work closer with his office. “We must not just cause alarm, but create a constructive framework within which to work to legalise homes” he told reporters.

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