Arts & Crafts in Almanzora Palace

An arts and craft fair is to be held in the Almanzora Palace on Sunday August 8th from 5.00pm to 9.00pm. The Almanzora Palace is the rambling, run down yet strangely beautiful 19th century home of the Marquess of the Almanzora, whose name I misremember. It’s just been handed over to the local townhall who are doing it up, and a local society is very active in raising funds for its upkeep.

This will be in conjunction with APSA who will be also be organising fund raising stalls, a raffle and a fashion show.

The money raised from stallholder fees will go to the Palace fund and the other monies raised to APSA.

There should be lots of stalls covering ceramics, art, knitted goods, homebaked goods, books etc
There will also be fund raising stalls and a raffle for APSA as well as the fashion show which will strt at 6.oopm.

There will also be live entertainment from local musicians and dance groups.

The stalls are 5€ and if anyone wants to reserve a stall they should contact Lorraine on 950 064 484 or 687  569 113.

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