What a mess between pubs and bars

From today’s discussion of the difference between pubs and bars, being carried out on the letters page of The Times: Sir, Many years ago I was called to the bar of my Inn, which has no bar, and drank in a mess. Fortunately the Inn has a pub adjoining, with one bar much frequented by the Bar. Andrew Francis Lincoln’s Inn, London WC2 Well, that’s cleared it up!

Tax goes up… but not for second hand homes!

What fun. Here’s an interesting fact that escaped my notice (what with the foxes and all). IVA medium rate goes up tomorrow (1st July 2010) to 8% – meaning if you buy a new house tomorrow, costing 200,000€, it will cost you 2,000€ more in tax than it would have today (7% IVA rising to 8% IVA). IVA is only applied to new homes, right? But, Andalucia has said that the Impuesto sobre transmisiones patrimoniales, Continue reading Tax goes up… but not for second hand homes!

A fox!

As foxes go, this one was not a particularly fine specimen. Don’t think I need to worry about him biting through the chicken wire to get at the chickens! Taken in the Rio Aguas above Turre last night (click for big pic) We later discovered that this was a cub and spotted him with his mother (no sign of any others around) All together now… ahhhhhh….