Dimwit of the week

29 year old José Miguel L.R. from Huercal de Almería has been officially awarded the coveted “Dimwit of the week” award by the Guardia Civil in Almería.

Young José, obviously a firm believer in the Rule of Law, went round to his local copshop last weekend to denounce a friend of his for stealing eight fully grown marijuana plants from his living room.

Officers were “surprised”, according to a spokesman, but went round to José’s house to see if there was any evidence to support his claim against his ex-friend.

Whilst poking around in his living room, they discovered a further 100 plants in a home made greenhouse in a back room, along with drug making materials and scales.

José has now been arrested for a crime against public health. Police say there is no evidence linking his “friend” to the theft of the original plants, but that investigations continue.


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