Another English paper in Almeria?

Blimey. The rumours were true, and The Le@der “newspaper” has started distributing it’s Costa del Sol (eh?) edition in Almería.

16 flimsy pages – frontpage leads with “Van Rompuy” praises Spanish presidency, which also fills up page two (riveting stuff), along with a large anti-Chilean cartoon.

Something about Ryanair, some Málaga news, several pages of UK TV listings and lots of ads. The only time “Almería” is mentioned is on the frontpage.

Do we Brits really need anything else in an expat paper abroad?

6 Replies to “Another English paper in Almeria?”

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  2. Yes, I saw one today. At first, I thought the rumours that David had sold out to the Chinese were true (ethnic joke), but The Leader is not a yellow-press version of The Reader.
    It’s worse than that. This time, even the Weenie won’t be worried.

  3. What a load of shite that thing is, it’s a waste of paper. Enviromentalists keep on about saving paper, why let that thing be printed once a week? only thing it does is enrich the owner!

  4. It’s got great potential. have you seen their Costa Blanca newspaper? It’s one of the favourites by far! Not just an internet cut and paste jobby! I heard that they will be distributing weekly as well. It’s a shame the Reader wasn’t able to survive and had to shut down after a couple of weeks. Sour grapes?

  5. If it’s one of the Costa Blanca favourites I shudder to think what the rest of them must be like.

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