iPhone 4 is as crap as we expected

Despite being billed as the worlds thinnest, sexiest and faster touchscreen phone, the new iPhone 4 doesn’t actually appear to work.

Users are reporting that holding it by the bottom left hand corner causes a short between the two built in antennas (one for the mobile phone, one for wireless internet) causing bothing of them to fail.

Apple’s response so far appears to have been “don’t hold it like that. If you must hold it like that, buy one of these lovely cases we’ve designed for it”. (Coincidentally, the first time Apple have ever released a case for their iPhone?)


And people complain about Telefonica.

3 Replies to “iPhone 4 is as crap as we expected”

  1. Having picked one up today, I can tell you that the reception is much improved when compared to its predecessor.

    (Coincidentally the site that broke this story is in the middle of a nasty legal battle with Apple)

  2. Nice to hear from a reader who has one!
    Still think I’m going to get myself an Android… maybe the Nexus?

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