iPhone 4 is as crap as we expected

Despite being billed as the worlds thinnest, sexiest and faster touchscreen phone, the new iPhone 4 doesn’t actually appear to work. Users are reporting that holding it by the bottom left hand corner causes a short between the two built in antennas (one for the mobile phone, one for wireless internet) causing bothing of them to fail. Apple’s response so far appears to have been “don’t hold it like that. If you must hold it Continue reading iPhone 4 is as crap as we expected

Pollen count across Spain

Here’s an interesting little website for anyone who suffers from hay fever or air born allergies: http://www.polenes.com/ It’s a website run by allergy doctors across Spain, who measure the pollen count in their areas on a daily basis and upload the data, so you always know how bad your particular allergen is at any given moment. In Spanish only at the mo’.