Junta finds the cash to finish Arboleas motorway

It appears that the Junta has found the private investment necessary to finish off the Almanzora motorway, and has promised that the rest of the works will be contracted out by the end of this year / beginning of 2011.

After announcing that they’d run out of cash, they are now hunting around for companies to lend them money, in exchange for lucrative maintainence contracts over the next 50 years.

They appear to have been surprised by the amount of companies wanting to invest. Well, duh – give the Junta 20 million now, and in exchange get an unbreakable maintainence contract for the next 50 years at preferential rates? What’s not to like? No wonder people are falling over themselves to invest!

Anyway, long story short, Almanzora motorway is back on track, according to La Voz.

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