Senate approves viability study for a new Parador

The Spanish Senate’s Committee on Tourism, Commerce and big floppy eared bunnies has agreed to a PSOE backed iniciative to commence a viability study to see if Almería warrants a new Parador hotel.

The motion, which has been around for years, was shot down last year when Parador Hotels published their five year expansion plan, ruling out Almería.

This has not slowed down Senator Asensio (Almería province; he’s also sec gen of the provincial PSOE party) from jumping on what was a PP bandwagon, and forcing the issue back onto the table.

Of course, it’s a table that’s a long way away from the main table, in restaurant terms this table is not just by the toilet doors, it’s actually equivalent to sitting on the restaurant loo eating off a tray; but hey, maybe when the next five year plan is published Almería might be a possible candidate?

The townhall wants to put a Parador in the Alcazaba fortress, arguing that this would be perfect, and it probably would be.

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