Local Police strike – refuse to issue fines

The Local Police of several capitals – including Seville and Granada- are on strike over proposed pay cuts.

However, instead of actually striking, they are refusing to issue standard traffic fines, except in severe cases.

Instead, they are issuing warnings, or using outdated fine books which have not been withdrawn by the townhalls (which allows the fined motorists to recurr the fine).

The protest has been called the “semana sin multa”, or Semana 0.0 by the press.

Granada police, who estimate they will have a pay cut of around 150€ per month per agent, say that Granada townhall will loose some 200,000€ of fines in a week.

Police have warned that they will continue to apply the law and will arrest or fine severe traffic offenses. But minor fines will not be issued. The number of fines being issued have dropped by around 75%. The protest is supported by the Independent Syndicate of the Local Police, their union. Elsewhere in Spain, the National Police and certain barracks of the Guardia Civil are threatening to adopt the same protest.

Motorists are “over joyed” and taking full advantadge of the stike to avoid paying in car parks / double parking, etc. I imagine traffic in Granada must currently be a nightmare….

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