Enciso let out on bail

Mayor Enciso of El Ejido, the chap accused of stealing 150 million euros from townhall coffers has been released from Albolote jail in Granada pending his trial on a bail of 300,000 €.

Enciso was arrested last October along with 20 other people, accused of paying inflated and false invoices to a  network of false companies. He has constantly been denied bail as he was considered to be a flight risk. No news yet on why the Judge has changed his mind.

He has managed to come up with the money on the same day as the Judge signed the order (how? that was quick!) and passed over a suitcase full of crumpled notes (joke!) along with his passport.

He must report to the local court on a weekly basis and cannot leave the country.

He is expected to return to his desk at the townhall where he will continue signing false invoice *cough* running his town.

Full story: Juan Enciso released from jail on bail

Life should get interesting back in El Ejido as he starts to look for his ex-friends who ratted him out. A number of his cronies have still be denied bail.

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