Enciso let out on bail

Mayor Enciso of El Ejido, the chap accused of stealing 150 million euros from townhall coffers has been released from Albolote jail in Granada pending his trial on a bail of 300,000 €. Enciso was arrested last October along with 20 other people, accused of paying inflated and false invoices to a  network of false companies. He has constantly been denied bail as he was considered to be a flight risk. No news yet on Continue reading Enciso let out on bail

Cowboy Cocina, Mojacar Playa

Alas, the perils of living in a culinary wasteland. Food options in Mojacar are, sadly, limited. Even while living in Brittas Bay (Co Wicklow) I had the option of Dublin just up the road. And no visit to the family’s UK base of operations is complete without a trip to the Thai Emerald, Cirencester (one of the best in the UK, to my mind). But recently, my taste buds have been neglected. Spanish or Italian Continue reading Cowboy Cocina, Mojacar Playa

Horse show this Saturday

There is a horse show this Saturday 19th of June at the Vera bullring in aid of Asprodalba, the local charity for children with learning difficulties. It’s their 30th anniversary this year! Entrace is 10€ for adults, 5€ for children. More information from Asprodalba (950390745) or the Club Hípico Vera (687 484 115) .