Judges salaries dropped by 40%

How much does a Judge earn?

A recent study has shown that the average Judge has seen his (or her) salary drop by 40% in real terms over the last 20 years ago.

This stat is being rolled out to justify why sus señorios shouldn’t be affected by ZP’s 5% pay cut. Some Judges say that they are in an “uncomfortable” financial situation.

These figures aren’t mentioned anywhere in the actual study, which is careful not to mention salaries, but a quick google search hinted at their salary levels. Seems they can apply, on top of their base salary, for quite a few extras, such as overtime, “study time”, general dietas and more.

It seems an average Andalucian Judge, in a local court (ie, Vera), doing the usual amount of overtime, can expect to take home around 2800€ a month.

A more senior Judge, ie the head of the court, could be taking home around 4400€ a month after tax.

A bit further up the scale, ie Provincial level… 5-7000€ a month.

My heart bleeds. Shall we have a collection?

Story from El Ideal.

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