Neptuno beach restaurant, Mojacar Beach

Mojacar’s beach bars are an institution with which I have a love hate relationship. On the one hand, I love visiting them, eating there, having a few drinks, maybe bopping to the live music and in general having a great afternoon. On the other, it’s a long way to get there (from Turre) when the traffic is heavy, there is always a large police presence making their greasy little fingers felt on your wallet (via Continue reading Neptuno beach restaurant, Mojacar Beach

Bobbin lace craze sweeps the province

Bobbin lace (called encaje de bolillo in English) is not a subject I know much about. In fact, you could present me with the raw materials and I could do little more than create a knitball for a kitten to play with. I came across it recently whilst visiting an middle aged Spanish in-law. “What’s this?” I enquired casually whilst touching one of the wooden things. It turns out you should NEVER TOUCH THE WOODEN Continue reading Bobbin lace craze sweeps the province

New hairdressers opens in Vera

The “Maloa” hairdressers has proudly opened in Vera. It’s on the Garrucha entrance into Vera, in the block to your left just before the bullring. Possibly, they are good hairdressers. They may do a decent cup of coffee whilst you wait. Their dyes may be impeccable. I cannot comment, for I have not been. However, they can’t spell, and their sign maker obviously hates them, if he allowed this to happen (click to enlarge) : Continue reading New hairdressers opens in Vera

100 evacuated in Mojacar fires

A forest fire which raged last night on Mojacar Playa (behind the Indalo at the end of the strip) forced the evacuation of around 100 people. The fire was declared safe by emergency services by early this morning, and they remain on scene to make sure it doesn’t come up again. Europa Press does not report any human of infrastructure costs. It is still not known how much land was burnt.