Fire rages in Mojacar

A large fire is raging at the end of Mojacar Playa.

The fire is between Los Amigos and the hotels at the end of the Playa.

I am told that emergency services have evacuated the area and are trying to control the situation.

At 11:30pm the fire was behind both end hotels but it appears that so far it has not spread to any more buildings. Use the comments box to update us with news.

Photo courtesy of Luke Polansky:

5 Replies to “Fire rages in Mojacar”

  1. Just been to the joust on Playa de Descargador and it was brilliant as usual. Howwever, did you know we now have a fire raging behind Hotel Pueblo in Mojacar? Flames have now reached the top of the mountain and it apparently started behind the hotel? All services are there – just like last year – although no helicopters as yet. Just sitting here and hoping I will be safe on the other side of Indalo Mountain…

  2. Just had word from my mum from that she has been evacuated but not to worry as she has the cats and dog. she also said it’s a lot closer than last year

  3. “The fire is between Los Amigos and the hotels at the end of the Playa”.
    The comments posted refer to “Pueblo Indalo Apartments” ? which are a mile from the end of the Playa.
    Is it out ?.
    Hopefully everyone is safe.
    Any property damage ?.

  4. No, it was between Hotel Indalo, not Pueblo Indalo which is near the Red Cross. Hotel Indalo is at the end of the playa. Yes it is now out – the services were again as efficient and and wonderful as they were last year! Well done to all!

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