Los Gallardos bus blocks Galician town

A busload of local pensioners on a Autocares Rodriguez bus (from Los Gallardos, the big bus company next to the petrol station) were inconvenienced, although not as much as local commuters were, after their bus broke down outside the Galician town of Cambados.

It seems the bus suffered an electrical failure that jammed its brakes. Local police, Proteccion Civil and the Guardia were all unable to shift the bus and so they had to call in a mechanic to make some “on the spot” repairs.

Seems the bus caused quite a bit of a backlog, as it was blocking the road which has about 8,000 vehicles a day. Large tailbacks were caused. It took almost five hours to get the thing moving again.

Local newspaper Faro de Vigo is rather sniffy about these “Almerienses” blocking the road, which I feel is unfair. Not our fault the bus broke down!

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