More taxes! Hurrah!

Grinan has promised us higher taxes for high earners (people earning over 80,000€ a year), higher taxes on luxury transport means (I already own a quad and have no interest in a jet ski), higher taxes on banks and cajas (hey, why not?) and a new tax on plastic bags, expected to be 0,10€ a bag.

There are also a whole raft of “green taxes” being announced, such as a rate increase tax applicable to radioactive waste, which will be of 7,000 to 10,000 euros per cubic meter of waste of low and medium activity, and a special tax on luxury transport vehicles, with a rate increase from 14.75 to 16 % for quads and jet skis, and from 12 to 13.2% for boats and recreational vessels. Hey, I already own a quad and have no interest in a jet ski.

Along with this, Griñán indicated that Andalusia will implement a “green tax”, already existing in communities such as Madrid, Asturias, Catalonia, Galicia, Valencia and Castilla la Mancha, with the following rates applicable in the regional section of the tax on retail sales of hydrocarbons: 24 euros per 1,000 liters for gasoline, diesel and kerosene for general use: two euros per 1,000 liters for special uses diesel and heating, and one euro per ton for fuel oil.

There will also be a fuss over those who commit tax fraud, and Grinan has promised a crackdown on benefits granted by the region  to those who don´t need them.

Again, people, Spain has a “submerged economy” equivalent to at least 20% of GDP. You want to raise income, stop faffing about annoying people who already pay taxes, and go after the black money. Of course, politicians can´t admit this as they would then have to admit the true scale of the black economy, something ZP resolutely refuses to talk about at any point.

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