Spain’s first electric car factory to open in Huercal Overa

Here’s an exciting bit of news for once.

Local company Ecologic Tesur Cars has applied to build its new electric car factory in Huercal Overa (of all places). The company, which is designing its new car with the help of the University of Almeria and the Uni of Cuidad Real, expects to produce around 30,000 electric vehicles a year and employ some 300 people. The company has warned that it is still considering locating the factory in Cuidad Real if planning permission is not granted quickly.

Planning permission has been sought from the Junta (along with a sizeable grant, no doubt).

ETC has 16 designs for its vehicles prepared and prototyped, according to UAL (Uni of Almeria). Here’s a picture of the prototype (snazzy!)

The GF calls these little cars lavadoras, as they “look, smell and sound like a washing machine”.

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