Almeria airport as bad as Mexico city for theft of luggage

A recent survey by consumer group OCU of 150 airports across the world (10,000 people were asked about their experiences) shows that Almería airport is as bad as Mexico City airport, or Rio de Jainero airport, for theft from luggage.

What isn’t explained is if this means that Almeria is surprisingly high in thefts, or Mexico city astoundingly low. But it seems that around 7% of passengers to LEI can expect to complain about missing or damaged luggage.

Another interesting stat thrown up by the survey is that obviously locked, or vacuum packed luggage (you’ve seen those machines in airports that cover your suitcase with wrap) are almost twice as likely to be broken into as non secured luggage.

In the first three months of this year, it appears that 10 suitcases have been officially declared stolen from Almeria Airport and compensation paid out. 20$ a kilo if uninsured is the going rate for a suitcase.

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