Turre guardia civil station to reopen

Turre mayor has announced that the Guardia Civil station in Turre is to reopen on a full time basis with a full staff.

This is 10 years after the Turre station was downgraded to a branch office, and the officers transferred to Garrucha, although a few officers would open up the office during the day for paperwork reasons.

Local towns such as Los Gallardos and Bedar will, it seems, be switched from Vera to the new Turre branch. I shall miss the furry little face of the Vera sergeant. At least parking is easier in Turre.

Mayor Ortega (¡Pacooooo!) has confirmed that a sergeant has been appointed for the station, and that work is being carried out to reopen disused offices. The rest of the staff will be appointed within the next few weeks, and it is hoped that the station will be open by mid August. Once it is running at its full complement, there will be a dozen officers assigned to Turre. This is on top of the six local police officers (Paco hired four of them).

For some reason, Paco is quoted as saying that “it is still not enough, you can never have enough officers”. Hmm. 12 Gc + 6 LP= 18 officers amongst 3453 inhabitants of Turre works out to one officer per 215 people. China, by comparision, seems to have about one officer per 1111 citizens (cheers, Google). Far be it from me to mutter “police state” under my breath, although Paco’s plan to blow 150K on CCTV and speed camaras up and down the main drag does seem to indicate he’s been to London recently.

No news on whether SEPRONA, the environmental police who currently work out of Garrucha (Vera gets the traffic police), will have a branch there.

A new information sign to the GC station was erected this week at the top of the high street, I was interested to note.

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