In Storage warehouse emptied

It appears, to judge from the irate posters over on (link) that someone with sticky fingers and a large van emptied the InStorage warehouse in the Almanzora valley.

As the owner of the business appears to have, ahem, “returned to the UK for personal reasons”, rumours go from the nave owner recouping his unpaid rent, to the owner deciding he needed a nestegg back in the UK, to someone spotting that all these lovely Brits had put lots of things into a large warehouse with no security camaras (ready packaged for easy transport, of course).

It used to be called Instyle / Instorage until the partners split up, as I understand it. The people who run InStyle have nothing to do with Instorage now.

Watch out for swarthy looking gentlemen flogging off electrodomesticos with UK plugs on them down the local flea market, is my advice…

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