In Storage warehouse emptied

It appears, to judge from the irate posters over on (link) that someone with sticky fingers and a large van emptied the InStorage warehouse in the Almanzora valley. As the owner of the business appears to have, ahem, “returned to the UK for personal reasons”, rumours go from the nave owner recouping his unpaid rent, to the owner deciding he needed a nestegg back in the UK, to someone spotting that all these lovely Continue reading In Storage warehouse emptied

Turre guardia civil station to reopen

Turre mayor has announced that the Guardia Civil station in Turre is to reopen on a full time basis with a full staff. This is 10 years after the Turre station was downgraded to a branch office, and the officers transferred to Garrucha, although a few officers would open up the office during the day for paperwork reasons. Local towns such as Los Gallardos and Bedar will, it seems, be switched from Vera to the Continue reading Turre guardia civil station to reopen