How small scale corruption just spreads into every aspect of society once tolerated

This rather annoyed me.

I recently had cause to insert an advert into the local government bulletin (the BOPA). This is a government daily bulletin which publishes all local official business for the province.

It’s published by the Diputación and is supposed to be a government body. “If it ain’t in the BOPA, it ain’t official” should be their motto.

Now, there are two tariffs for inserting an ad, “normal” (14€) and “urgent” (28€).

All ads are guaranteed to be printed within 15 working days of the date of payment, or three working days if you pay the “urgent” tariff.

So I went ahead and paid the “normal” rate.

About 10 days later, I got a phone call from Juan at the townhall asking where this ad was, and if I’d paid the fee.

When I explained that I had,  he sighed and casually said that I should have paid the “Urgent” tariff, as they, and I quote, “hold back normal ads for as long as possible to encourage you to pay the higher rate”.

Really? I asked (this is a chap whose life revolves around things published in the BOPA).

“Oh yes” he said, “sorry, I should have told you that earlier, would have saved you a month”.

Sure enough, my ad was printed exactly 15 working days (actually, 25 calendar days including weekends and a holiday) after payment.

Frankly, I find this depressing, and symptomatic of just what is wrong with Andalucia. It may be legal, but it’s against the spirit of the thing.

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