A couple of changes

Sharp eyed readers will notice I’ve updated the look and feel of the site. Why? Well, I wanted to. Isn’t that enough?
Let me know what you think. I may change it back in a few days, let’s see how it pans out. Comments to the usual places, please!
Couple of the changes you’ll note:

  • Info about how many visitors are viewing the site at any one time (bottom of right hand menu)
  • Info about the search terms that people are looking for (ie, how they found this site, and what they are looking for)
  • You can now create your own user account, and use this to post comments on the site. I may add more functionality to this in the future!

5 Replies to “A couple of changes”

  1. One improvement – the wasp photo is now fully visible and not covered with details of links etc

    Great wasp – I¡ll get the wife to send you her moth photo – now that is big!!

  2. Glad you like it. Moths, eh? Best borrow Pater’s 12-bore – these flying monster can put a hole in your suit before you can blink!

  3. Sorry – not being totally computer literate – how do I send photos from Picasa to your blog? The moth doesn’t eat clothes but it does bite but prefers honey and potato like plants.

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