Almeria launches new tourism website

Old Conmendedor has been rabbiting on about it for months, and eventually it’s arrived:

The all new interactive website for Almeria city.

Two points: First of all, far too many pages are still blank  (Informacion coming soon, that sort of thing), including the much vaunted “Almeriacard”, which was supposed to give tourists access to discounts (and also, no doubt, identify the tourists to the wily tradespeople of Almeria), and secondly, how come a tourism website is only in Spanish?

It’s nicely linked into twitter and facebook, tho’. Fine until the new webmaster decides he’s bored of Facebook and stop posting.

Worth pointing out that if you go to (note the .com) you get a commercial website, which no doubt is anticipating many people forgetting the difference between .org and .com.

Mind you, I never knew that the Nazis gassed 142 Almerienses in their concentration camps. Says here that 252 people from Almería were sent there, and 142 were executed. A sombre pause for thought, although I doubt this statistic will do much for tourism. The monument dedicated to these men and women can be found in the Parque de las Almadrabillas (just next to the Cable Ingles).

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