Thank you very much, Mr Lenox Napier

Frankly, it’s all Lenox’s fault. If he didn’t write an interesting blog over at,  the GF would never have found out about Raimundo Amador coming to Mojacar. And if she hadn´t, I wouldn´t be going to listen to him tonight in Mojacar. Shouldn´t be too crowded, my ticket numbers are 16 & 17. Might have a chance at winning the guitar they’re raffling off!

Almeria launches new tourism website

Old Conmendedor has been rabbiting on about it for months, and eventually it’s arrived: The all new interactive website for Almeria city. Two points: First of all, far too many pages are still blank  (Informacion coming soon, that sort of thing), including the much vaunted “Almeriacard”, which was supposed to give tourists access to discounts (and also, no doubt, identify the tourists to the wily tradespeople of Almeria), and secondly, how come a tourism Continue reading Almeria launches new tourism website