Junta says Almanzora motorway on track to be finished by 2011

The Junta has called a press meeting to promise that the Almanzora motorway will be finished on time in early 2011.

Local residents became alarmed recently when, without warning, all works stopped on the motorway. A rumour quickly circulated that the funding had been pulled as part of ZP’s austerity measures, but this has been denied.

It seems that during the heavy rains of the winter, workers spotted that several parts of the motorway quickly became flooded.

As a result, a new survey has been commissioned in order to determine how best to deal with excess water on the motorway, and all works have been stopped until the survey is completed.

Work is expected to start “shortly” although with no firm date. The completion date is given as “end of 2010 – possible, early 2011” (really, that’s what it says here!).

Meanwhile, local residents continue to have to suffer up a nasty little diversion and through the sleepy hamlets of this “delightful little Spanish valley”. Ah hem.

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