New one way system in Turre

Last week, Turre townhall had their monthly meeting, only to discover (to their surprise) that neither the PP nor the IU deputies turned up (both were away).

The ruling PSOE seem to have taken the opportunity to push through a number of initiatives that otherwise would have lead to controversy, including the rather stupid new one way system that workers are implementing this week.

Here’s a map of the new one way system in Turre. If it’s bad for you (it is for me!) then tough. And if you don’t like the spiffy new road signs (very modern) then, also, tough. Information on how much they cost was not forthcoming.

Street map of Turre – one way system (Adobe .pdf, 1,7mb). (Link works now! Sorry!)

Map courtesy of IU councillor Martin Morales (

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  1. Hi David

    I can’t open it either, you might have to get your camera out !!

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