Cadima, Roman ruins in Los Gallardos and the AVE

Cadima is an ancient Roman villa site with associated buildings around it near Los Gallardos. It´s assumed that it was the base of a local farm that grew esparta, which the Romans used to make sandals out of. The stuff would have been carried down to Villaricos or nearby for shipping elsewhere for sale. It’s never been properly surveyed or excavated, and it’s all buried underneath farmland, anyway.
The site is technically a BIC (Bien de interés Cultural) and was believed to have been inhabited from around 200B.C. until 700 A.D. The original Latin name is lost, but Cadima is supposed to mean “the ancient”.
The best description I have ever seen of Cadima is this:
On the banks of the Aguas River sits the remnants of the Roman town of Cadima. Tourists are welcome to view these remains.
From a website which is trying to sell houses in the area. Ah hem. The same site continues to declare that:
It makes sense that Los Gallardos follows the same historical path as other areas. The Romans entered the area, waged a battle, and banished the current culture. The Romans had their glory days, but, in a funny turn of events, found themselves driven out by the Moors. The Moors shaped much of Los Gallardos until they were driven out by Christian armies.
In the 1500s, Christian kings overtook the area, most likely banishing Moors (Arabs) in the process. Once the population had been increased, the Christians worked hard in mining and agriculture. Even today, many woman hold firm positions in local fields harvesting tomatoes and similar crops.
This was necessary, as it was not until after the French revolution in the 20th century that electricity, telephone, sewer, and paved roads were established in Los Gallardos. Though it took some time for modern conveniences to reach Los Gallardos, they are making up for lost time!
What’s the French Revolution (which wasn’t in the 20th century) got to do with the price of kippers? Since when did the Romans fight the Moors? Since when did Moors visit Los Gallardos? (It was founded in the late 19th century). But I digress. Don’t believe everything you read on the net.
The site is, I understand, controlled by Granada Uni who don’t have the funds or interest to look into it, and won’t let anyone do it for them.
Anyway, the AVE goes over part of the site. Rumours have reached me of children playing with skulls unearthed from an ancient cemetery, although Juan from the Policia Local didn’t know anything about this. A large amount of earth has been moved and local historians are annoyed.
In response, the AVE construction company has, it appears, paid for a number of archaeologists to unearth all remains from the works, and remove them for later analysis. A number of tents have been pitched by the works, and a source in Turre townhall said that works on that stretch have been stopped until the historians finish their work. Time is pressing, but it is to be hoped that most of the work will be finished before the machines return.

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