What a wonderful advert

We all know that newspapers who support the government get “institutional support”. IE, the politicians pay for large useless adverts with taxpayers money in exchange for favourable coverage. Changing the subject, our local newspaper La Voz de Almería is part of Grupo Prisa, which is a large PSOE orientated media group which includes such treasures as El País newspaper or Cadena 40. I have spoken before of how La Voz is similar to Pravda, in Continue reading What a wonderful advert

Almanzora motorway

Works have stopped on the Almanzora motorway. Commuters on the dirt track, laughably called a bypass, that connects the towns in the region around the works, are reporting seeing nobody on the road, machines gone, children playing football on the half built bridges, etc, etc. This has lead to a rumour that ZP has personally ordered the cancellation of the works to save money, as part of his 5% cut out of expenses. The Ministry Continue reading Almanzora motorway