Jamon in the post

Much as I love the Levante, one of the downsides is trying to obtain a decent Jamón Serrano around here that doesn´t cost the earth.

Yes, there is a warehouse in Cuevas that sells them, but I have found the quality from there to be… variable.

So plan B is to pick one up every so often when I´m in Granada. Possible the only town in the world where you can walk through the main square carrying a haunch of pork without being arrested for carrying an offensive weapon.

However, plan C, once discovered, was much simpler. Call my mate Rafael and have him post me one.

24 hour delivery; what more can you ask for?

Feeling in need of a pick me up, I recently splashed out on one. This arrived in exactly the same fashion as the others I have ordered from him, quickly and efficiently via Seur.

The Jamon is from the Trevelez area of Granada. I find them to be all quite succulent. Juicy, and low in salt, so there is an argument towards claiming they´re the healthy option.

There´s nothing like a nice glass of red and a recently opened Jamón to cheer one up. Just to stop it becoming overly Spanish, I had Doctor Who on the TV. All I need now is to work out how to use my knife grinder.


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