Rich Women (from Almeria)

Tonight sees the start of LaSexta’s latest TV glimpse behind the scenes of a life we will never live: mujeres ricas – rich women.

The series, billed as a “Spanish style true life Sex in the city fly on the wall documentary” (and that’s a direct translation!) follows six rich, successful self made business women around their social lives.

Rumour has it that when the series said someone from Almería was taking part, everybody thought it was Juan Enciso’s wife. Rich, certainly, although showing off the ill gotten gains on national TV might not be a good idea at the moment. Give it a couple of years, lass. Don’t buy a bull breeding farm just yet – although if the Pantoja goes down she might be selling hers off cheap.

Mar Segura, a local girl done good, who runs an unidentified “party and events company” in Almería, takes part, and shows us around her glamourous home in Almerimar. She takes us to a few parties, rub shoulders with rich politicians and generally shows off her jet set lifestyle. Damned if I can find out the name of her company, which makes me suspicious.

The TV “documentary” angle is slightly ruined by her admission in La Voz that “I camped it up terribly for the camaras, I really have quite a boring life”.

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