Rich Women (from Almeria)

Tonight sees the start of LaSexta’s latest TV glimpse behind the scenes of a life we will never live: mujeres ricas – rich women. The series, billed as a “Spanish style true life Sex in the city fly on the wall documentary” (and that’s a direct translation!) follows six rich, successful self made business women around their social lives. Rumour has it that when the series said someone from Almería was taking part, everybody thought Continue reading Rich Women (from Almeria)

Almerimar is popular!

Ever since I trailblazed the path, Almerimar has come out of obscurity and is becoming ever more popular with the free newspapers – despite the fact that nobody advertises there! So now a little bird tells me that the Sol Times is going to start distributing there. Crikey! Nail extensions have never been so popular! Although I still regret unleashing Chris Marshall onto an unsuspecting world…… ah hem.