Almería “20th best” in online poll of Spanish tourist destinations recently polled its users on their favourite Spanish destinations (

Almería came in at number 20 (hurrah!), behind Valencia (do pelotas rival paella?) but above Salamanca (which is a medieval Disneyland for soft minded Catholics).

53 hotels found in Almería – none in Mojácar, oddly enough. Ah, right, you have to search for Mojácar. Hmm. Qué hacer en…. Mojácar. Good question. Let’s click and find out.

Whoops! Tripadvisor doesn’t know either, although it helpfully suggests a game of golf at Mojacar Marina Golf (Simply good golf! enthuses Cats_123 from Bangor, back in 2006).

Eeeyup – says here that Restaurante La Capilla is the best restaurant in Mojácar! A hit with the Irish, judging from the comments.

Ah well, back to work.

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