Mojacar gets Walt Disney, Motril gets The Cranberries

(I know which one I’d prefer)

So, hot on the heels of Tito del Amo’s conspiracy film about how Walt Disney was born in Mojácar (he wasn’t, but buy a copy anyway), which has lead local (-wannabe) Chamber of Commerce ACEM to renew calls for a “dignified statue of Walt Disney[…] costing around 7,000 or 8,000€[….] to be placed in the town square of Mojácar” (see this months Advertiser), we hear that the PP mayor of Motril has raised, via a public subscription, 50,000€ to attract The Cranberries to Motril this summer. Good lad. Local businesses stumped up the cash, in exchange for the hotel bookings – didn’t cost the townhall much at all (couple of ambulances on standby).

Right. So I assume the theory behind this “statue” is that the wily residents of Mojacar put up a statue of Walt Disney, then flog lots of Mickey Mouse souvenirs (presumably wearing an Indalo?) to passing overweight gawking tourists who credulously believe us and flock to the area in their air conditioned tour buses. Hmmm.  On a scale of “ideas to attract tourists that sounds great – until the harsh light of dawn the next day” this ranks with an infamous video the “Vist Denmark” tourist board released (it seems they later apologised and said it was supposed to an internet viral video, but the complaints kept mounting):

On the same note, anyone remember Creamfields? Held over several years in Villaricos, in its last year (2007) it attracted some 40,000 people until the local councils decided they didn’t want these tourists and sent them packing (it’s now held in Guardia Viejas, El Ejido, who were more than happy to accept 40,000 rich kids spending vast amounts of booze over a weekend).

It’s always the same around here – delusions of grandeur. Anyway, where are you going to put this statue – in the heart of the old town of Mojácar? Whoops, they’ve just announced they’re digging that up, too. You want to attract tourists, stop knocking down or banning what attracts them. There’s a campaign I’d donate some cash towards.

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  1. I went to the presentation of the Disney film (starring Tito) last night among a glittering crowd of Mojacar socialites. The ninety minute… two hour…? show had us watch Tito do his morning exercises, pour a customer a drink, take a train to Madrid, then carry to New Yawk, Chicago, Washington and Los Angeles, his notes and a look of scholarly enquiry both much in evidence. We are treated to a few passers by from Times Square for some light relief, who say, Goodness, they don’t mind where Disney came from (most of them, of course, had no idea who we were talking about). Tito, sadly, after going all the way to San José is turned down for an interview with Wally’s auntie and no conclusion is drawn. The music was, unfortunately not by the Cranberries, but seemeed very jolly nonetheless. The glitterati seemed relieved after the show had ended and poured themselves into the nearest bar.

  2. An enjoyable time was had by all, I am sure.
    Sadly, I was throwing a jamón & cheese party and was unable to attend.

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