Thank you very much, Mr Lenox Napier

Frankly, it’s all Lenox’s fault. If he didn’t write an interesting blog over at,  the GF would never have found out about Raimundo Amador coming to Mojacar. And if she hadn´t, I wouldn´t be going to listen to him tonight in Mojacar. Shouldn´t be too crowded, my ticket numbers are 16 & 17. Might have a chance at winning the guitar they’re raffling off!

Almeria launches new tourism website

Old Conmendedor has been rabbiting on about it for months, and eventually it’s arrived: The all new interactive website for Almeria city. Two points: First of all, far too many pages are still blank  (Informacion coming soon, that sort of thing), including the much vaunted “Almeriacard”, which was supposed to give tourists access to discounts (and also, no doubt, identify the tourists to the wily tradespeople of Almeria), and secondly, how come a tourism Continue reading Almeria launches new tourism website

Biggest damn wasp I’ve ever seen!

Dad sent me these photos of the remains of a gigantic wasp / hornet / monster from Dr Who which he had a “titanic struggle” with, after coming across it in his tool shed. “It was a nasty brute” reminisced Dad, “but the 12 bore took him out easily enough”. If anyone knows what this is, or how prevalent they are in Turre, we would be grateful to know.

Junta says Almanzora motorway on track to be finished by 2011

The Junta has called a press meeting to promise that the Almanzora motorway will be finished on time in early 2011. Local residents became alarmed recently when, without warning, all works stopped on the motorway. A rumour quickly circulated that the funding had been pulled as part of ZP’s austerity measures, but this has been denied. It seems that during the heavy rains of the winter, workers spotted that several parts of the motorway quickly Continue reading Junta says Almanzora motorway on track to be finished by 2011

Tourism numbers continue to fall in province

INE – the government number crunchers – have released their monthly tourism report for Almería. 85.115 tourists stayed in the province during March – 32,000 less than March 2007, 10,000 less than just two years ago. (source: Ideal) What’s worse, as tourism figures pointed out, is that Easter, typically a strong period, fell during the end of this month. Interestingly enough, out of these figures, 60.857 visitors were Spanish, and just 11.944 foriegn. Actually, I’ve Continue reading Tourism numbers continue to fall in province

Cajasur slips beneath the surface… only a few bubbles left

Normally, when a bank collapses, you hear a lot about it. TV images of people queuing to get their money out. Maybe a riot. Not, however, over the weekend when Cajasur, the savings bank owned and operated by the Catholic Chuch in Cordoba, quietly gave up the ghost after, amazingly, walking away from a rescue deal offered by Unicaja. Madrid quietly shut off the life support machine on Saturday, and a few grieving relatives had Continue reading Cajasur slips beneath the surface… only a few bubbles left

Tragedy in Turre

On Friday night, a young 23 year lad called David Zamora, playing football in the local league at Turre old football stadium, collapsed and died during the match. He was pronounced dead at Huercal Overa hospital. He had a small heart problem from birth, but lead a strict life and had a perfect bill of health. He was a regular player in the league. I know his elder sister, and my heart goes out to Continue reading Tragedy in Turre

ZP orders Almeria AVE put back by one year

And so it takes place. ZP’s massive cutting of public expenditure will affect the Almería AVE line, Minister of Development José Blanco announced last night. 6,400 million euros of public spending on public works is being slashed. The Ministry will be announcing in a few days which contracts, even ones already signed, will not be honoured. As funds initially earmarked for the project will be reduced, the completion date for the line will be put Continue reading ZP orders Almeria AVE put back by one year