Dirty allegations over the new Turre Avenue

The following is a story based on bar talk, accusations from the PP and the IU, public documents, personal involvement and my own memories. Many years ago, Turre realised that it had to do something about the main street, the Avenida. At that point, it was a national road and the townhall couldn’t touch it. So a Mayor (I think it was Arturo Grima, before he was banned -for the first time- from holding public Continue reading Dirty allegations over the new Turre Avenue

Turre square – what a ripoff

Have you seen the new Turre square? Having had to close the place for… what… almost a year? (six month overrun as they forgot to put electric piping in and had to dig everything back up again) it’s only been open a week. The concept is nice. Different colour cobbles to mark out pedestrian and car spaces. Dark grey for the cars, grey for pedestrian walkways, red for zebra crossings. Trouble is, as usual, they Continue reading Turre square – what a ripoff

Chinese find Noah’s Ark

Well I never. Hidden away in a corner of The Times – I suspect it only made it because it’s a slow news day – is a 50 word piece about “Evengelical Chinese explorers” claiming to have found the remains of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat in Turkey. The mythical (possibly I should amend this to historical) boat was supposed to have grounded on Mount Ararat after the flood. Doves were involved. Having been watching Continue reading Chinese find Noah’s Ark