Euro Weekly News, the paper that makes Mojacar matters… doesn’t mention Mojacar once this week

So, until the irritating creak of the flashing over of virtual sheets got on my nerves (I was listening to “Ladies of Letters….” at the time, and Prunella Scales voice is irritating when mixed with the whish of a flashlet which has not been paid for – see the large demo sign in the corner?) I was flicking through this weeks’ “Euro Weekly News” (AKA: The paper that makes Mojacar Matter”).


A) Nice layout of the paper.

B) They will receive complaints about the new layout of the TV schedules. Well, I have on their behalf, and I don’t care, so I expect the people I told to feck off this morning will be writing irate letters to the editor.

C) Out of three columns written by people in Almeria, two are from Almerimar (a small area with just over 125 British expats, and located aprox 130km from Mojacar) and the other from Arboleas. Does Michael (is he from Rochdale or Ireland? I am confused-see his column this week and his personal website) know where Mojacar is?

D) Following on from C) If only Mojacar had a decent chamber of commerce to put things straight.If only the ACEM was still going.

E) Out of 10 stories on two pages (3 and 4) at least six of them are over one month old. Eh up.

F) Where’s Mojacar? On page…. nope, not mentioned once, unless I missed it. After all, a paper that is dedicated to “making Mojácar matter” would mention Mojácar once, surely?  Write in if you spot it. There may be a prize. (Probably not).

G) Annie Maples (Who the hell is she?) doesn’t have a clue. The decision of the CGPJ to allow charges to be tried against Garzón proves the independence of the judiciary, by allowing the decisions of smaller courts to stand. If the CGPJ had dismissed the charges against Garzón, it would have been proof that they were politicised. They have to try the case to be able to dismiss (or accept) it. If a junior court has taken a decision, then the CGPJ must accept the case for trial, as dismissing it out of hand would only result in reinforcing the junior courts’ decision. And I love the way she slips into her argument that Garzón “availed himself” of a law recognising his “right to investigate human right abuses”, but then blames his downfall on the “animosity” due to his “investigation [of] of state backed death squads”… – He used the same legal argument for both, my dear (universal justice, a constitutional right that has now fallen out of favour as Spain realises that it doesn’t have the same power, as, say, China). Doesn’t change the fact that Garzón is a power hungry bast**d who wants to rule the nation. Even if he has managed to do same damn good things along the way. But if he had spent the same amount of effort investigating Andalucian Mayors’ as he has south American dictators…

H) Back to Prunella Scales and Eve Online. Almost got a Caldari battleship, you know. Can’t spend too much time on  this nonsense…

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