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Why is it that Estate Agents over here have no expertise and offer a poor service. Some dont even view the property they are taking on but take details and photos from other web sites. They charge a high fixed commission which in theory means they should be working for the vendor. In reality it means that their inability to negotiate and failure to point out the positives leads them to accept low bids which doesn´t affect them as they still get the fixed commission. Therefore they are working for the buyer at the sellers expense.
Perhaps there are agents out there who work on a percentage but I am not aware of any and would like to hear of them if they exist.

H.A., looking to buy in Albox.

A good question, H.A. Thoughts, people? I have plenty, but they would get me in trouble.

In fact, does anyone know of any decent real estate agency in Albox? Hmm…

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  1. I must admit I have to agree with this posting 100%.
    One estate agent that we approached had already decided upon on the price without even seeing any photographs of our house, or waiting until we’d said what type of house it is.
    All he heard was where its situated ! and not what it has to offer. After a 3 second ponder we’ve decided NOT to use their services.
    Wonder if he was a Plumber the week before ……….

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