Luis Caparros (Mr Bulldozer) gets a promotion!

A month after the Junta closed the Conserjería de Vivienda (ostensibly for “austerity” reasons, although I still maintain it was because it was an inefficient embarrassment that caused more damage to Andalucia than anything since Franco died), “Mr Bulldozer” has been booted upstairs and is moving to Seville (according to today’s La Voz). No news on what his promotion entails, although I assume an office with a door is involved.

How nice.

Luis is the man who, rightly or wrongly, has become associated in the British mind as the man responsible for the urban abuse scandal in Almería, and efforts to demolish hundreds of homes across the region. He was the provincial head of housing in Almería (previously a mayor in some god forsaken village and then a number of plush government jobs since he stepped aside).

He’s also an unpleasently macho campuo who speaks with a snidey voice and dislikes anyone who wasn’t born in his village. There’s a lot of them in the regional administration – the sort of government employee who in the 50’s thought autarquía was a good idea, and built a 10 year plan around it. You know the sort. The British have spent the last 1,000 years to ensure that this sort of person never gets any higher up the foodchain than chairman of the parish council, where they write endless memos about dogs on the parish lawn (or head of the BNP).

Here’s a sartorial picture taken at the AUAN march in Almería earlier this year, courtesy of The Reader:

(It goes without saying that Caparros is Bob the Builder, he’s not the smiling bearded chappie in the photo).

Good luck to him. He’ll probably end up running a Conserjería. Enough reason to vote PP as any, I suppose.

Meanwhile, a Judge yesterday agreed that one of the Albox 8 (actually 9 but Albox 8 sounds snappier) was not informed of the proceedings against their home and cancelled the demolition order, due to have been carried out this month. The whole legal proceedings must now restart. 10 years of waiting, fighting the “Administration” and legal limbo awaits this happy couple.

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