Junta announces a major reshuffle

Griñán has consolidated his grip on Andalucía by sweeping away the old Chaves guard, closing down two conserjerías and reshuffling the whole Junta de Andalucía.

He has appointed a number of his cronies to important positions and “made his mark”. Just one week after being officially given head of the PSOE party in Andalucía.

Hats off, I mean, how long did it take Stalin to sweep away the influence of Lenin? etc etc.

Ole Grimey says he wants a “modern and efficient government” and has promised a new age of austerity, with e-administracion being the new word.

Apparantly we all have to file paperwork online now. Should be fun.

The Conserjería of Justice and Public Administration, and Viviendas y Ordenacion Terretorial will both be closed down and merged with other branches of government.

An attempt to hide the urban abuse scandal? Espadas is being kicked out of government and his ministry swept out…. I suspect there is a long term plan, but what could it be?


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