Chilli bar vandalised

It appears the Chilli bar (Indian restaurant in Turre) was severely “smashed up” last night after some people broke in.

Rumors as to why are… varied.

Far be it from me to spread the four (different) tales I have heard so far. So I’ll do some digging.


It seems that at 5,30am, a car full of people turned up at the restaurant, attached some chains to the rejas and front door and drove forwards.

Once a big hole had appeared in the door, they reversed, loaded up the fruit machine and drove off.

I tell you, it’s all go in Turre!

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  1. Well I’m sorry to hear it. The Chilli people are very nice and the place does great food.
    I hope Leaky Lee’s readers in Turre haven’t been inspired to commit an act of overt racism.

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