A change in the wind

Like all good coups, it was swift and deadly.

But, with luck, it will signal a new and better direction for ACEM, as a truly independent business association instead of a small cartel of self interested people.

The first most people heard of it was when the following letter appeared on the internet last night (taken from http://www.spectrumfmmojacar.net/clarification_acem.php, facebook and many other sources, and printed in the EWN):


Clarification of Involvement
From: Michel & Steven Euesden of the Euro Weekly News
Richard & Jessica Shanley of Spectrum FM Mojacar
Karin Schroter, ACEM President

We would like to clarify, via this joint statement, something which appears to be causing some confusion in relation to the new businesses association ACEM and the involvement of Mr Keith Selllers.

Keith Sellers contacted EWN & Spectrum initially on behalf of ACEM to canvass their involvement and support for the new association. There was no other contact from ACEM at this stage.

They both agreed to participate as they understood the benefit of helping revitalise the local business community could only be beneficial for everyone concerned.

We all still believe that ACEM is essential to the recuperation of the local economy, and thus will continue to fully support it and all its endeavours and future projects.

However, events that took place last week has left us no option but to make it a matter of public record that there will no longer be any involvement between ourselves and Keith Sellers in relation to ACEM in any form.

All media liaisons between Spectrum/EWN and ACEM will be conducted via ACEM President Karin Schroter.

As is probably no secret, the reputation which rightly or wrongly is often associated with Keith is not one which will be of any advantage to neither ACEM nor ourselves, and appears to be detracting from what we are all trying to achieve: to help Mojacar.

We wish to move forward in a positive and constructive manner and will continue to strive to help put Mojacar back on the map which could only be beneficial for all involved.

Remember Mojacar Matters and your voice counts.
Michel & Steven Euesden, EWN Media Group
Richard Shanley, Spectrum FM Mojacar
Karin Schroter, ACEM


As far as I can make out, certain people and organisations have been invited to “leave” the ACEM, after the main backers realised they were turning the ACEM into their own little short term publicity venture, freezing out anyone who didn’t toe “their line”.

After all, locking ACEM into a tight knit little cartel, which only dealt with certain media companies, and only publically supported some Mojácar businesses, was hardly conducive to its long term survival or effectiveness.

I’ve been told that a new committee under Karin will been formed, with the main backers and founders back on board.

Now they just need to split away from the political associations they formed and they will be back on track.

Jolly good.

2 Replies to “A change in the wind”

  1. It seems MOJACAR MONEY MATTERS more than MOJACAR MATTERS as seen on Spectrum facebook. Spectrum and Euro weekly seem to of taken ACEM over and even replaced KARIN with another estate agent SHARON who she tells everyone she has been given her own show on spectrum to discuss her plans for Mojacar and ACEM.
    Even the sponsors are now thinking of pulling out.

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