Another lively day in El Ejido

At yesterday’s townhall meeting in El Ejido, two workers and a union rep stripped off and ran around the townhall meeting shouting “you’ve taken everything including our underpants!”

They were protesting against the non payment of back wages to 87 gardeners employed by a subcontracter of municipal services company El Sur.

You will remember that lots of people were taken to jail after nicking 150 million of public money in El Ejido. This has lead to confusion, and non payment.

Ironically enough, some of the workers, who haven’t been paid by the townhall, are having their possessions embargoed for not paying rates back to the townhall. They, quite sensibly, argue that the townhall can take the money out of what is owed to them.

There was also a riot outside the townhall when a coachload of OAP’s were put in front of the townhall to keep the 87 gardeners out.


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