A video of Mojacar

Here’s a video of Mojácar, made by my mate Richard, who obviously has too much spare time on his hands. Apparantly he made it with in “stop motion” – one photo, time off 60 secs, another  photo, another 60 secs…. Fours hours later his battery ran out and he walked back down. Watch out for his dog, who appeared desperate to get into the film!

Chilli bar vandalised

It appears the Chilli bar (Indian restaurant in Turre) was severely “smashed up” last night after some people broke in. Rumors as to why are… varied. Far be it from me to spread the four (different) tales I have heard so far. So I’ll do some digging. later It seems that at 5,30am, a car full of people turned up at the restaurant, attached some chains to the rejas and front door and drove forwards. Continue reading Chilli bar vandalised

La Fantasia, Mojácar Playa

Many, many, many years ago, Finca La Parata was the benchmark for expat food in the area. John in the kitchen serving up exquisite delights, Anne out front with the family making you feel at home. This all changed when they left for pastures new. Then they came back, and I wrote about their triumphal return here. And then they left again. To open up the old Agora, next to Lua on the beachfront, as Continue reading La Fantasia, Mojácar Playa

Why so many murders?

Almería is, I was shocked to realised this week, quickly becoming famous across Spain for rather horrific and sad deaths. In fact, in the last three months Almería appears to have been dominating the headlines across Spain. In December we had the shocking murder suicide when 72 year old Antonio killed his wife and disabled 80 year old brother before killing himself, in Cóbdar. We then had the tragedy of the coastguard helicopter crash off Continue reading Why so many murders?

A change in the wind

Like all good coups, it was swift and deadly. But, with luck, it will signal a new and better direction for ACEM, as a truly independent business association instead of a small cartel of self interested people. The first most people heard of it was when the following letter appeared on the internet last night (taken from http://www.spectrumfmmojacar.net/clarification_acem.php, facebook and many other sources, and printed in the EWN): ——————————————————————————— Clarification of Involvement From: Michel & Continue reading A change in the wind

Snow in Cabrera

Just returned from a snowball fight up in the mountains above Cabrera. Lots of lovely snow. Here’ s a few pictures. All right, we’re not talking about the depths of the Scandinavian winter here, but it’s good fun. Ironically enough, as somebody has just moodily emailed me to point out, this is the weekend that John Gaunt was paid to come here and tell everyone how lovely and warm Mojácar is in the winter.  Ah, Continue reading Snow in Cabrera

The future of Mojácar…. gazing into a crystal ball

After a pleasent evening, during which we were chatting about the future of the area, I got out the old POTALA plans and had a bit of a think. After all, what does the future have to hold for this area? Irrespective of what we Brits think or do (we are, after all, in a minority amongst immigrants to the province – there are 40% more Romanians, 60% more Moroccans than Brits here) our benevolent Continue reading The future of Mojácar…. gazing into a crystal ball