Shoes. Lots of shoes.

The GF had her pops make her the most delicious shoe cupboard. Full of cunning little shelves and pockets to hide shoe cleaners in. It goes very well with my Japanese cherrywood shoe slip.

Anyway, she came, somewhat pensively I felt, out of the bedroom shortly after the wooden miracle had been delivered.

“It’s full” she announced, “all of your shoes. And there are still a few pairs that don’t fit in”.

“Nonsense” said I, “I only own two pairs of shoes”.

Well, do you know, it turns out I own quite a few pairs of shoes. See, I tend to buy new pairs and wear them, without bothering to toss away the old pair. So while I may rotate through two pairs, I actually own… well, let’s say about a dozen pairs or so of wearable shoes.

The GF did some sums. Turns out that’s well over a grand in shoes.

So if you see me wearing different coloured shoes from normal, or turning up daily in a different pair of shoes…. I’m using up the old ones.

(The Corte Ingles shoe department is out of bounds for now).

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