A press release from AUAN – citizens march on the capital

AUAN Press release – 1st January 2010

Contact info@almanzora-au.org    or call 646506943


British ex-pats in the South of Spain are organising themselves to strongly oppose eight demolition orders recently issued to British residents in the town of Albox, Almeria.
We understand that none of the victims had been informed of the initial proceedings, and indeed the demolition notification has come as a big shock to them. We consider that they were deprived of a proper opportunity to defend the action, and that their human rights have been infringed. The Auan’s legal representatives, and the victim’s lawyers, are attempting to mount a legal challenge to the imminent demolitions, together with the support of the Mayor of Albox, who described the demolition orders as an ‘atrocity’.

Candlelight Vigil 9th January
The first of two planned actions will be the holding of a candlelight vigil on the 9th of Janurary in the ruins of the home of Len and Helen Prior, pensioners whose house was illegally demolished in nearly Vera two years ago on that date. This couple are still living in what was their former garage with no mains water, no electricity and absolutely no sign of any compensation for their loss. This event is the result of collaboration between two local groups (AUAN, AULAN) fighting urban corruption in the area and they will be joined by representatives from across Spain, including the newly formed National Federation of Organisations against urban abuse (FAUN).

Peaceful Protest March 11th January
The presentation, just before Christmas, of yet more demolition orders to unsuspecting homeowners in the area, again without any sign of compensation, has been the catalyst for the ex-pat community to take to the streets and make its voice heard. The AUAN (an organisation of homeowners in the area campaigning to obtain legal status for members’ property) is organising a march in Almeria town on the 11th of January to protest against this scandal and appeal to the authorities to respond to the just demands of those innocent people who invested in good faith and are now facing the possible loss of their home and life savings.

We are protesting against legal and planning uncertainty, against bad administration and corruption, against the failure to respect citizens’ human rights and against the failure of the administration to comply with European Parliament resolutions including the Auken report.
We cannot sit back and watch these demolitions and will do everything possible to avoid this injustice.

March Route

The starting point for the demonstration is the Puerta de Purchena at midday (12.00). The route is envisaged to follow the Ramble de Obispo Orbera to the Rambla de Almería (Avenida de Federico García Lorca). There will be a pause for speeches in the area of the Obelisk in calle Regina Regente and the marchers will return to Puerta de Purchena at apx 15.00.

We are not prepared to stand politely by as more unfortunate families are destroyed through no fault of their own. Recourse to further demolitions will only further damage Spain’s image abroad.  The authorities must be made to realise that to continue with these actions is not acceptable, is contrary to the rights of its citizens, attracts damaging and hostile publicity and is tantamount to economic suicide in this region.


We ask all citizens and groups who wish to raise their voice and make their presence felt to turn up and support us.

For further information contact info@almanzora-au.org or call 646506943.

3 Replies to “A press release from AUAN – citizens march on the capital”

  1. Who’s going to take any notice of them in Almería? Pilgrims to Santiago are up, but that’s a bit far and God may not be listening, so what about walking to Madrid?

  2. The march has been reduced to 1km by the authorities. And the pick up for Albox is no longer DIA car park but the far end of the rambla, by the exit with an island and school.

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