AUAN press release on demolitions

AUAN Press release – 30th December 2009


Please be advised that the AUAN committee has now identified and spoken to all of the homeowners who are subject to the 8 demolition orders. The policia local have served papers on 4 households so far.

Thanks to everyone in the community who helped us to search.


La Horticheula (2), La Aljambra (2), Las Labores(1), Las Pocicas(1), Rambla de la Higuera (1), Saliente (1)

Two households belong to AUAN members.

·       All of the houses are in possession of building licences granted by Albox Town Hall in 2002.

·       The building licences were impugned by the Junta de Andalucia  in late 2002 due to the perceived risk of an urban nucleus arising in accordance with provincial planning rules.

·       The Court in Almeria nullified the licences in 2003.

·       In 2006 the Junta de Andalucia requires that the Town Hall takes steps to demolish the homes.

·       In 2007 the Almeria Court orders the town hall to comply within 10 days.

o      The Town Hall appeals against this order.

o      The Junta Argues against this appeal.

·       In 2009 the high court in Granada dismisses the Town Halls appeal.


·       None of the homeowners were asked to participate in the proceedings.

·       Two of the homes were re-sold during the time period described above.

·       The majority do not have the funds to fight this.

·       Our advisors tell us that the proceedings are well advanced. This is a very serious situation.

·       The notices were served on the 22nd and 23rd of December.

What has been done?

For the past few days we have concentrated on finding the victims and ensuring that they were properly informed and had access to legal advice.

The AUAN lawyer has now commenced a time critical procedure to seek injunctions against these proceedings on the basis of lack of communication to the owners and other factors. He will be assisted in this task by an expert in Spanish human rights law. We are funding this activity.

What’s next?

Members of the AUAN, AULAN and their friends are gathering in an act of solidarity at the former home of Len and Helen Prior on the 9th of January, the second anniversary of their demolition. We will be joined by members of the AUN in Valencia and the newly formed National Federation of Organisations against urban abuse (FAUN).

The AUAN committee tonight voted to organise a protest march in Almeria on Monday the 11th of January. In the words of one committee member “After what we have seen on the faces of those people we have met over the last couple of days how can we not do this”.

Who’s next?

We have today learned that the Junta de Andalucia have served notice of their intention to demolish a house in Vera on the 12th of January.

What can YOU do?

Do not stand silently by as more unfortunate families are broken apart and financially ruined through no fault of their own. The authorities must be made to realise that to continue with these actions is not acceptable, is contrary to the rights of its citizens, attracts hostile publicity and is tantamount to economic suicide in this region.

·       Support the March.

·       Join us or make a donation. Contact

·       Make your voice heard!

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