Demolitions in Albox?

The recent letter sent out by AUAN has certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons, at least on the excitable “blue” forum

The letter claims that eight people have been informed that their houses are to be demolished.

No names are being given out at the moment, as it seems not all the owners have been contacted, according to AUAN who seem to be the only people with any information – and they aren’t sharing.

AUAN have suggested that if a Guardia Civil officer knocks on your door:

* avoid answering the door if at all possible

* do not sign for anything you do not understand

* tell them you will go to the town hall with your solicitor

Now, first of all I don’t see what “not answering the door” will do. All that will do is cause the Guardia to either A) sit outside until you come out or B) tick “not in residence” in which case we move to the next phase and you’ve lost your chance to look at the paperwork.

Frankly, my gut feeling is that these eight houses are probably separate cases that have failed to respond to any official letter, causing them to be lumped into one case, with no defendant, and sped through the courts.

Not answering the door will simply reinforce that and cause the demolition.

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